Isle of Capri Gambling Enterprises Shuts Natchez Homes

Isle of Capri Gambling Enterprises Shuts Natchez Homes

Gambling user Isle of Capri Casinos established that it will close its casino down in Natchez, Mississippi. The property is proven to be one of many oldest gambling locations around the condition’s boundaries.

Isle of Capri has been running the casino since 2000. It includes possibly 520 slots and 6 table games. Virginia McDowell, Chief Executive Officer and chairman of this games team situated in St. Louis, Missouri, said inside a Tuesday report they are excessively satisfied using what they’ve achieved over the past 15 many years consequently they are happy for their Natchez associates with their perseverance and commitment.

Ms. McDowell additionally mentioned that her team will sell its Natchez-based hotel and lots of non-gaming possessions to Casino carrying investments couples for any level of $11.5 million. The exchange is probably are completed in October 2015, so long as all closure conditions is fulfilled by that period. The Isle of Capri house will end up being completely operational before this.

Isle of Capri mentioned that the Natchez casino produced annual earnings of $23 million for any financial 2015. Based on a picture published from the driver in June, its money has-been declining since the opening of Magnolia Bluffs Casino. Overall, the ongoing organization posted a 5% boost with its money for 2015.

Rival Magnolia Bluffs Casino launched doorways in 2012. The casino is focused on the size that is same the Isle of Capri one, but it does perhaps not feature a resort. (more…)