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Eugene Koysman — Barclays — Analyst

<strong>Eugene Koysman</strong> — <em>Barclays — Analyst</em>

That is reasonable. And certainly will you assist us perhaps you provide us with some color on what your initiatives to pursue the Truist customers are progressing?

John C. AsburyPresident and Ceo

Well, we’ll ask Maria Tedesco, President of Atlantic Union Bank to give some commentary. We now have a comprehensive group of initiatives. Now the timing of many of these changed a little. Specific guerrilla advertising strategies for branches that will be consolidated does not really make large amount of feeling at this time over time. Maria, would you like to speak simply when it comes to higher level task, forgive me personally, i recently stated it, venture Sundown for anybody who don’t understand it, is our formally code name that is secret. (more…)